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Milk&co baby kambario purškiklis blogam kvapui šalinti, 75ml

Prekės kodas: 2028
-40 %
9,00 € sena kaina 15,00 €
Pristatymo terminas: 2 - 4 dienas


Phooo eei! Whoever knew something so cute could create smells so bad?

Keep those nasty nappy smells at bay with this all natural room spray. Stinky Winky Room Spray helps rid the room of all those nasty nappy smells, eliminating not just masking, and makes change time a bit more bearable for everyone.

Why It ́s So Good For your baby:

Geranium rose is one of the best ingredients to help fight off those nasty nappy smells! Geranium rose actually attaches to the odour particles and neutralizes them. Amazing, right!

Rosewood is another great one for helping with neutralizing bad scents and also has the added bonus of assisting with colds, coughs and nausea – we love an added bonus here at Milk Baby!

Jasmine has been used for many decades to assist with the respiratory system, soothing coughs and helping with hoarseness. This one also helps promote relaxation and ease tension.

Rose oil not only smells beautiful but is a very good bactericide – the perfect all natural product to have around when changing nappies. This ingredient will leave your bub ́s room smelling likes roses – literally!

Directions of use: Spray a few times in the air after use of toilet/change of diaper. Spray away from clothing and skin.

Made in Melbourne, Australia, uses 100% recyclable packaging and not tested on animals.

TIP: Can be used in adult bathrooms too.