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Privacy policy Understand toy holder, grey, 2 pcs

Product number: toyholder
3,79 €


Teether holder and toy links

Each sold with a pack of two.

Suitable from birth our range of teething toys makes essential as your baby's first sensory toy. 

Our skin contains more than 100 types of receptors sensitive to touch, temperature and pressure. The skin is the body's largest organ, and its sensory receptors are the earliest to develop.

After the success of our innovative square and circle silicone teething toys, we felt we could add another aspect to our very effective design, so we developed the dual purpose, ring shaped, teether holder. 

The teether holders are designed for attaching to teethers so they are not lost, while also adding extra sensory functions to the teethers themselves. 

Like the teethers it has a dimpled texture to help stimulate our growing babies and toddlers senses, which encourages them to discover the world around them. 

The teether holders' small open ring shape is perfect for a baby to grab and grip, helping them develop fine motor skills. 

The teether holders are ideal for attaching out teething toys to each other, buggies, high chairs, bouncers, car seats and more. 

Not only do babies and toddlers love our teething range, parents appreciate our simple and stylish design lead approach as well as our fundamental, safety, no choking hazard.