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Edu2 Wooden blocks Pilis

Product number: edu2-17
53,00 €


Did you know there are about 1000 hillforts in Lithuania and half of them once had castles built within their rampants? Lithuania is a land of castles. Inspired by our country’s magnificent history we created  a unique set of wooden blocks PILIS for playing and building castles. 

PILIS set consists of 30 various wooden blocks, 10 cards with famous Lithuanian castles, historical facts, and 2 cards for your own dream castles. In the set you will also find a cotton bag to store all your wooden blocks.

Wooden blocks PILIS are made of our national tree – oak. All blocks are handmade that is why every detail is a bit different.

Since early age children love to play with various shape blocks. The older the child, the more complex details and structures. Playing with various blocks and construction details is not only a fun activity. Children who play with blocks show more creativity in their attempts to solve the problems. Educational studies show that construction games since young age is linked with advanced math skills in later life.