In 2010, Karin Maillard opened a premium concept store for children in the centre of Vincennes, Paris, selling clothing, furniture, decoration and toys.  However she could not find a doll stroller that would appeal to stylish parents.  So she had the idea to launch the brand Minikane, and after months of sourcing, testing and certification she developed a pushchair with a high quality frame, that was made in France and used quality cotton fabrics.  The pushchair met with success from other retailers, and she formed the company FMR For Kids, producing other products for kids aged 3-10 years.  Collaborations followed with premium French stores such as Smallable, Bonton and Le Bon Marché.  

Minikane grew in 2018 when it became the exclusive reseller in France for Paola Reina dolls.  Karin had the idea to create collections of clothes completely different from the typical stereotyped clothing in the mainstream doll market, and created the Miniz'Habits collection, offering outfits for dolls that matched the aesthetic of those in children's concept stores - practical and stylish, in simple and comfortable materials.  All Minikane doll's clothing is handmade in France from double gauze cotton (OEKO-TEX certified) or hand crocheted in cotton.  Dolls accessories complete the collection.

Minikane - dolls have never been so stylish!