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Edu2 Educational Play Light Table

Product number: edu2-02
339,00 €


It is the first educational play light table for children at the age of preschool and primary school years. Lights installed in the table keep children focused, inspires imagination, and helps learning new information.

Imagination plays a key role in the child‘s search for knowledge and understanding.  Our light tables were inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia Approach towards early education.

What is it‘s value for the future?

Light helps attracting and retaining attention of children. Attention focus is necessarry for successful completion of any task, learning new things, and solving every day issues.

It is easier to memorize pictures or objects placed on the top of edu2 light table. Good visual memory is necessary when learning to read, write, count.

Children are waiting for every minute spent with family members or caregivers. Children know this will be their time, and all attention will be given only to them.  Being able to touch and get a hug provides children with the feeling of safety.

Light helps children seeing the same objects differently.  On the light table children express their unique perception of the world by combining various materials, shapes, colors, techniques. Free play develops imagination which is fundamental to creativity.

What can you do with edu2 light table?

Quiet activities with sand. Pour some water or sand into the transparent edu2 tray. Light, water, sand shall always remind us of a happy summer day playing at the sea. Make sand dunes and hills, play with small stones, seashells, twigs. Write letters, numbers, names on the scattered sand.

Painting. Using thick paint draw trees, houses, people,  animals,  mountains. Watch the light enriching the colors of the creations on the edu2 table.

Paper phantasies. Take a piece of hard paper, paint it black, and puncture several dozens of small holes in it. Place this hard paper on the top of the light table; imagine the night sky and stars. Build a paper castle with windows and observe the light going through them.

Nature stories. Collect tree leaves and place them on the edu2 light table. Observe the structure of the leaves and tell children how the trees grow.

Stories and secrets. All children like them! Storytelling helps children in many ways. They do not only improve attention time span, but also teach children connecting words into sentences and sentences into a story.  Try our creativity sets Forest Tales or Sea Tales to develop better storytelling skills.

Edu2 educational play light table is made  of white laminated plywood, 5 mm fortified glass, daylight lamps. Size L70 x W50 x H21 cm (or L27.56*W19.69*H8.27 inches).

Note. We produce it after order, for the delivery term and shipping cost please write